Vice President

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Vice President, advertised as being open with your company at this time. I am a diligent and accomplished professional with unyielding expertise in all aspect of store/retail management, business property operations, and human resource management.

My background includes extensive experience in directing overall aspects of process improvement and budget control, complemented with organizational compliance, industry standards, and client services. Additionally, I am highly familiar with deploying identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities to drive revenue and profit growth for various companies. Now, I would like to bring my expertise and experience to work for you.

My career in the corporate arena has been accelerated based on my ability to deliver results despite organizational challenges. The blend of my business and ability to translate vision into meaningful action has been proved successful. I am most interested in a position that offers additional opportunities for advancement and the ability to use my rich mix of skills. I am an extremely strong professional who is vision-driven, intelligent, aggressive, intuitive, and extremely tenacious. I can add tremendous value to an organization.

The possibility of joining your company is of considerable interest to me, for I am seeking a challenging work environment that would provide me an opportunity for professional growth and advancement, both of which could benefit you as well.

The enclosed résumé would serve as a detailed view of my skills, accomplishments, and what I have to offer your company. If you are seeking someone with my qualifications, experience, and track record, I would welcome the opportunity for a meeting to learn more about your needs and future plans.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to our conversation.


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