V.P. Of Sales Cover Letter

V.P. Of Sales Cover Letter

Super Saver Foods

I would like to respectfully submit my resume for your review regarding a sales position within your organization. During my tenure, I have been a Director of Sales, Director of New Business Development and V.P. of Sales with a few of the following accomplishments.

My admired strength is that in making cold calls where I can reach the top level executives of an organization. With this I am able to secure meetings to discuss executive strategies and implementation of programs.

I am proud of the fact that with one organization, I had signed profit lines of 400% over that of any other sales person Nationwide. As of this date, nobody has reached that profit line level.
I have attended six extensive professional sales courses during my career. As a result, top executive management has placed me in charge of training sales people from around the country.
Again with another organization, I had signed so many contracts that the C.E.O. came into my office and asked me to stop selling since he couldn’t ramp up to handle all the business I was bringing in. I was placed on special assignments and asked to manage the sales people from another department.

Sincerely Yours

Wheaton, Illinois

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