SR-Executive Director of Sales and Business Development

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EAGER and ENERGIZED to bring my 15 plus years of progressive experience in strategic sales plans, contract negations, account management and business development to your company by submitting this introductory letter and attached resume for your assessment.
I am a passionate and results-driven trail-blazer always inquisitive about potential un-tapped business and converting it in to a red-hot new customer who has the potential to become more profitable and will purchase more to do this. I retain great rapport because my passionate and affectionate personality is contagious which clients can truly see the convergent effort that I want to align myself as your business partner and execute solutions to achieve your business objectives. When I can take care of you with unsurpassed customer service you are great for referrals which grow my business quicker than anything else I know.
I do have a background that accentuates sales and business development as well as corporate National Sales Management. I am extremely knowledgeable on the corporate business strategies and how they are determined. I have been in many board rooms. Matter of fact I was in Bentonville, Arkansas visiting the largest company in the world Wal-Mart which accelerated a unique perceptiveness culture that I believe works well for Wal-Mart. I haven’t seen it in other large companies. However it could work if implemented correctly. Think about using for lack of better words . . . “A Wal-Mart Strategy Marketing Plan In Our Company.” They are BIGGEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD. They must be doing something right. Knowing a company’s corporate culture is so important before beginning to plan with intensity. I play it casual and learn as much as I can about your company until the light goes off then lookout as I start to create and implement a customized strategic plan in action that will beat your completion and take you to the top.
Best regards,
Saint Paul, Minnesota

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I have a clean white dry erase board and I can create anything that makes good business sense to you and we’ll draft up a “KILLER” Plan.

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