Senior Sales Executive

I am an accomplished senior sales executive with a progressive career in marketing, management and business development and an MBA in Marketing and Management Science from Fordham University. I am confident that I will be a strong candidate for a position on your internal sales management team.

My experience is extensive and diverse. Working for Fortune 500 companies like Lexis Nexis and Chase Manhattan Bank in executive-level positions has helped me gain solid experience in leadership, problem solving, communications, business development and team-building. Self-financing an entrepreneurial, venture startup helped me gain insight and expertise into corporate finance, marketing strategy, operations management and product development.

These transferable skills developed from almost 20 years of solid, hands-on experience and the knowledge gained from my venture startup would contribute to the continued success of your organization. My ability to multi-task while managing a variety of functions makes me a versatile asset to your company. This benefit could be quite valuable when an experienced liaison is needed in a cross-functional group.


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