Senior Director Contract Manufacturing/Supply Chain

To: Hiring Manager/HR Professional From: Kenneth Becker

I am engaging in a search for a position that will benefit from my experience and knowledge in Strategic Sourcing, Manufacturing, Procurement, Planning, Project Management, people management and negotiating within the umbrella of the Supply Chain discipline.
As the attached resume details, my career has been focused on all facets within Supply Chain. My experience encompasses working with contract manufacturers, suppliers and internal company resources to deliver products and materials. I effectively identified, qualified, and managed highly reliable, high quality and cost effective supply chains. My accomplishments include systemic cost savings, on time new product launches, supporting existing products insuring appropriate inventory levels and innovative solutions to Marketing’s requirements. My department’s have provided multi-million dollar cost savings, created performance measurement tools, and developed and implemented strategic sourcing initiatives.
During my career I have been able to acquire skills that I believe would be relevant to the requirements of the ________________. I have managed, directly and indirectly, varying sizes of departments and project groups up to an 1100 person manufacturing and packaging operation. Throughout my career I have been able to work together with groups including internal departments, especially Marketing, Finance and Development, as well as external suppliers of materials, products and services.
Lebanon, New Jersey

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