Operations Executive

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As an Operations Executive with 15+ years of experience for diverse global organizations, including my current position as Vice President of U.S. Customer Care Services, I offer a wealth of experience in restructuring, process improvement, and strategic planning. With a focused commitment to talent development and quality improvement, I have successfully revitalized under-achieving operations and facilitated significant growth.
Specific highlights include:  Generating complete turnaround of underperforming department by establishing controls and documented procedures and attaining yearly record increases of volumes.  Reorganizing 2 call centers by overseeing migration and new staff development resulting in completing project 2 weeks ahead of schedule and $300K under budget.  Enhancing travel procedures through expense tracking and savings identification leading to 10% increase in travel to clients and 30% reduction in travel budget.  Attaining highest customer service scores in company history by determining areas for improvement, presenting recommendations to senior leadership, and implementing changes.
Please also note that I have substantial experience in client relations, change management, financial analysis, and project management. In addition, I have a proven ability to build and manage high-performing teams.

Ashburn, VA

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