Executive, Director

Dear Hiring Manager

I am an impassioned business and technology leader who is able to transform organizations into achieving exceptional results. Employers and clients use phrases such as “…supported the Bank’s objectives in an extraordinary fashion…”; “… came to trust his advice and appreciate his candor”; “… grew to rely on Rod’s advice and integrity..”; and “…handles difficult client circumstances effectively…”.
Since 1993 I have been a consultant working around the globe in locations such as New York, London, Geneva, Zurich, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, Arizona. I have extensive international experience in a vast array of business verticals: global, federal, and state governments; manufacturing; engineering support; k-12 education; and financial services. This broad knowledge of international business gives me a global perspective. As an entrepreneur and “intrapreneur”, I’ve established and led organizations seeking investments from the external marketplace and allocations from internal executives. – As a line manager, I’ve been responsible for 25 professional direct reports and had accountability for $75 million in annual expenditures. I know how to develop a business plan, market to senior executives, and get results.
References are available. Relocation is not an issue. I would be pleased to speak to anyone about how I can lead organizations that result in minimized expenditures and maximized opportunities.
Kindest regards,
Toronto, ON Canada

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