Executive Director State Policy Government Programs

I am pleased to submit my resume for the Executive Director State Policy Government Programs position (Job. ID #431359). I can bring to this position the proven track record of success I have generated over the last ten plus years focusing on federal, state and local government affairs and public policy/regulatory advocacy.

My most recent position has produced a strong record of accomplishment working on regulatory and legislative issues. I have extensive and relevant experience successfully developing and addressing client legislative and regulatory issues with White House, Congress and State Capitals’ elected and appointed officials by building trusted relationships as well as with the departments/agencies that regulated the industries that I represented.

Specifically, I can bring to the table expertise in government and industry affairs that will translate state and local political and policy issues into strategic and actionable plans that fit Health Care Service Corporation’s (HCSC) mission and needs. My most recent Managing Director, State and Local Government Affairs position provided me the opportunity to represent my client’s across the country. Indeed, I am very familiar with the states listed in the “Preferred Requirements” section of the Position Description having worked those states on my own or with associates and contract lobbyists under my direction.

My resume describes the notable successes I achieved as a result of building the target networks, forging results-oriented teams and doing the direct, one-on-one advocacy. One of the keys to my success was leveraging my ability to incorporate and focus all of an organization’s assets (legal, communications, operations, environmental, economic, etc.) toward one public policy goal. I have been very active with associations and external groups (trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, consumer advocacy groups and contract lobbyists) that supported the goals and aspirations of the industries I represented.

The job & preferred requirements listed in the position description are consistent with my work experience and capabilities. Another reason for my strong interest in the Executive Director State Policy Government Programs is that I have proactively and successfully led fellow government professionals in the pursuit of my employers’ policy goals and legislative needs. I have enthusiastically undertaken the “boots on the ground” lobbying independently whenever the situation has required it. I am, first and foremost, a collaborative team leader/player – I am committed to ensuring that everyone I work with knows the game plan and the need to forge “win-win” solutions.

Coming recently from one of the most highly regulated industries in the country, I have a solid appreciation for the need to understand and carefully navigate through the increasingly complex regulatory environment that a leading health care services corporation must contend and work within.

Finally, I am confident that my knowledge, skills, ability and experience that I possess will transfer fully and successfully to the government and industry affairs and policy agendas of HCSC. I respectfully request that we arrange an interview to further discuss HCSC’s needs and my ability to assist the company in meeting them at your earliest opportunity.


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