My twenty years within the securities industry has allowed me to broaden my experiences. Most of my career has been within equities trading, which has not hindered new skills being utilized and acquired.

Early within my career I learned how to effectively communicate through written responses to inquiries. The ability to recognize, research and resolve problems was developed. This proved to be a valuable skill which has continued to be utilized throughout my career. While at Merrill Lynch I was afforded the opportunity to obtain my MBA form Adelphi University. This allowed further development of my skills and traits. The curriculum was built around a core competency of Leadership.

Team Building and presentation skills were also an early part of the program. This was advantageous as a base for the rest of the courses of study. Traditional subjects of study were also included. As the program progressed we ended with courses in TQM, Building Shareholder Value Through Competitive Analysis and finally Strategic Management.

Strategic Management allowed the groups to implore all that we had learned in the previous courses. The final grade was partially comprised of an online competitive game. Where competitive analysis and building shareholder value were heavily implored. Capital budgeting and practices of dividend declarations and stock repurchasing were part of the catalyst for determining the team that was able to deliver the greatest return to shareholders.

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