My name is Jesse L. Jones, an American citizen. As indicated by my resume, I am a skilled executive and CPA with extensive accounting, tax, financial and management background and experience, including significant international experience. I have 24 years of experience in public accounting (Ernst & Young) plus 10 years in private business. As Managing Partner of the Rio de Janeiro Office of Ernst & Young, I was responsible for all office functions, with significant growth, improved profitability and improved client satisfaction. I have significant experience and a solid background in U.S. GAAP and the application of such to financial statements, accounting and reporting, consolidations, SEC requirements and reporting, business analysis and planning, management, acquisition negotiations and evaluations, mergers, income tax planning, corporate reorganizations, auditing, evaluation of internal control systems and SOX 404. I also have a strong background in cost accounting and a thorough understanding of accounting applications. I also have 8 years experience as CEO/CFO/COO in a private business.
I am highly motivated and my background has been deadline-driven. Also, I am a hands-on type accustomed to rolling-up my sleeves as well as having effective supervisory skills. I am also accustomed to getting my hands dirty when necessary.
With my extensive hands-on accounting, financial and management experience, international background and exposure, problem solving skills and motivation, I am confident I can step into any situation/position and make an outstanding contribution to your Company and management team. Also, with my experience and background working closely with key executives of Fortune 500 companies, attorneys and bankers, I have developed the necessary skills to work with companies and individuals in different environments.
As reflected in my resume, my exposure to the accounting/auditing area was reduced in recent years as I spent more time in management, operations and related areas. As I am a fast learner, I am confident I will be back up to 110% speed in all areas in a matter of days. I miss the excitement of the accounting/financial/business world and wish to return if the opportunity is right.
During the period in which I lived and worked in Brazil, I maintained both professional and personal ties with the United States and the Miami area. I am presently in Miami pursuing opportunities in Florida and will also consider other regions.

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