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Dear Recruiting Professional

Having “vision” isn’t enough. Communicating and executing the vision is the formula for success, and one that I have implemented successfully as a highly seasoned Executive Officer. The scope of my expertise is extensive and includes the full complement of the following:
C-Level Directorship. Serve as a pivotal executive in defining an overall mission and developing comprehensive strategies that achieve fiscal responsibility, strong EBIDTA ratios, and high operational performance levels. Offer a record replete with strategic leadership across business modeling / execution, P&L, sales and marketing, regional operations oversight, and company-wide administration and human resources components. Consummate leader of start-up and high growth organizations, as well as mergers, acquisitions, and synergies.
Operational Excellence. Builder of enterprise-wide teams that execute highly regulated and complex projects that result in unprecedented market growth, brand awareness, and profitability. Offer “big-picture” vision and a talent for building and implementing scalable policies, processes, and programs that provide transparency, raise productivity, and promote an inclusive working environment with low turnover.
Sincerely, Dave Armentrout
Lexington, NC

This example was posted: 3/23/2011 10:51:58 PM EST

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Overall, not a bad letter. The format and punctuation could be improved to make the letter easier to read. The paragraphs seem to run together.

The content seems to be too general and could be enhanced by some numbers. don't duplicate the resume but I was left with buzzword overload.

Finally, the letter ends without a point. Maybe it is implied but what is the writer looking for?

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Mar 24 11 at 4:12 pm

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