CIO Cover Letter

CIO Cover Letter

Gas Legion

I am writing this letter in recommendation for Richard. I have known and worked with Richard over the past 20 years and I have no hesitation in recommending Richard for the role in which she is speaking to your organization about.

I started working with Richard when she was CIO at Patton Boggs. My company was bidding on the modernization of their computer system and we went through a competitive process. Richard was our key contact and though she was very tough, she was also very fair. My company secured that business and I was responsible for managing the project. In that role, I got to experience first-hand what a strong leader Richard is, as well as her day to day management skills.

During that project, I worked closely with Richard and her team. I learned a lot from that experience and learned a lot from Richard. I saw how Richard treated not only me and my team, but also her team and her customers within her firm. Richard is a person of high integrity and treated every individual with the utmost of respect and confidence. In fact, if you ask any of her team, I’m certain that they would say that it was more like a family, then a workgroup. Richard has had folks working with her for extended periods of time and every one of them would only speak in the highest regard for her. In addition to strong leadership skills, Richard also has strong technical knowledge, strong operational experience, and garners the respect of all those around her. She was a CIO at a major law firm, not an easy job by any means, but she was well respected and was in her role for a significant amount of time.


Reston, Virginia

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