Senior Signal / Train Control / Engineer

Dear HR Manager

This letter is to express my interest in the Senior Signal (Train Control) Engineer position. Based on the skills I developed as Sr. Signal Engineer to Provide Design and Planning and Construction, I am confident that I would be a great addition to your team.
In addition, what I would like you to know about me is; my resolve is complete work, where practicable. In project meetings, I listen to the communications of all participants from the place of an experienced Coach, and map those concerns onto the Project schedule. I generally look for and promote a win-win agreement, where possible. I am a firm believer when our Client is happy we are the beneficiary of additional work, AWO
My second resolve is paper trails. During any conversation-if reference is made to the Project and I feel it may impact our schedule in the future, I reduce it to writing for all concerned. I am not a fastidious writer. I like everyone to be informed, keeping all on the same page.
Kind Regards,
Brooklyn, New York

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