Senior Electrical Engineering Project Managers

Dear Sir / Madam:

When companies like yours are in need of Senior Electrical Engineering Project Managers, they do not want to take chances. Making a bad decision in the selection process can be costly in areas of both time and money. That is why you want to rely on a professional like me with solid experience in consulting, managing, and implementing design engineering projects for the power generation, transmission and distribution industry.

My track record in national and international electrical project engineering and business development in electrical industry brand/products has helped enhance the profit and reputation of such utilities as PSE&G and Turboven (the PSE&G affiliate in Venezuela), and manufacturers like QEI.

Listed below are some accomplishments that I am proud of:
– I have successfully managed projects for construction of power generation plants as large as 150 MW, substations, transmission lines from 115 to 400 kV and distribution systems serving 2.3 million customers.
– I have demonstrated my proficiency in ETAP software for Power Systems Analysis, and my extensive technical knowledge of transient overvoltage, load flow, short circuit, automation, control and stability analysis up to 1,000 buses and more.
– Consistent contribution of leadership skills in a corporate setting, while managing the creative process of high-dollar projects, in developed and developing countries. I have experience managing projects from planning to completion, motivating and empowering team members, fine-tuning budgets, improving marketing plans, and juggling multiple assignments.
– Successfully positioning products and branding of power systems equipment manufacturers in the utilities and international marketplace.
– Negotiation of complex international contractual issues using my communication and interpersonal relationship skills. My ability to present business concepts and technical issues in a coherent and persuasive manner that satisfies customer

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