Product Development Engineer

Dear Mike,

I received my BS from the University of Southern California in biomedical engineering with an emphasis in biomechanical engineering. My experience with all phases of medical device development and education make me an ideal candidate for a Product Development Engineer position. I am authorized to work in the U.S.

My first design experience was a SENCIL injection tool where a fiber is injected into the forearm of diabetics. I provided a conceptual design for a bracelet to facilitate the injection process along with the actual injection tool. In addition, I prepared a FMEA and FTC for the design which helped made the design safer and more effective. My great problem solving skills and innovation helped make the design a unique one. Having created a novel design with practical applications, several professors suggested I patent my design. My background has provided me many of the skills needed for the development and production of biomedical devices. I have taken special courses addressing all aspects and stages involving the development and production of biomedical products especially class II/III devices. I have taken courses in biomaterials and tissue engineering classes that addressed the reaction of the body to foreign materials that are not biocompatible. As well, I am proficient in SolidWorks and FEA applications.

Knowing how vital it is for a biomedical engineer to be able to relate to, communicate and cooperate with others, I even enrolled in an anthropology class where the main goal was providing the tools to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Thus I believe that I will make a great team player where I can work equally well in a group effort, as part of a team being led by another or where I am able to take the initiative to lead. For example, my SENCIL design experience was a group effort where I became the informal leader of the team and provided the design of the injection tool. Always, I try to inspire those around me to give their best effort and do their best work. While I make an ideal team player, I am also self motivated and can accomplish projects working on my own under minimum supervision. One example is the Non-Invasive Neural Stimulator design I created for a startup company where the design won the satisfaction of the CEO and the development team.

My attached resume reflects some of my education, experiences and accomplishments. The opportunity to apply research and development of novel new products to treat diseases and solve medical problems would be an exciting challenge for me. Please feel free to contact me at any time at the address and phone number below. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am willing to begin employment immediately.

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