Manufacturing Engineer


Please allow me to introduce myself. I graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, as a Manufacturing Engineer in June 2002. As part of my graduating requirements I built an entire vehicle from scratch. Then in the summer of 2003, I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, for an employment opportunity. Two years ago I had to move back home to South Dakota due to a family members illness. However, at this time I am seeking to expand my horizons further, both professionally and regionally. I have no family, therefore, I am able to relocate anywhere in the world and work any hours.

Most recently, I was employed as a Mechanical Engineer Consultant for my own company, DIAMOND, Incorporated. The clients ranged from the Gaming industry to the Transportation industry. My primary responsibilities were the mechanical design and manufacture of complex, high precision products that utilize various technologies. These responsibilities included the implementation of innovative design/build ideas to diversify products available for these companies. This involved the modeling of all parts to verify functionality while maintaining product revisions, prototyping new concepts which entails the integration of designs from various engineering team members of diversified fields, and the construction and debugging of the final assembly.

I have spent most of my life building mechanical systems, and I am confident that you will not find anyone more talented or suitable for any Engineering position. Therefore, I am seeking an opportunity to apply my attributes to your organization. I am meticulous in delivering quality work, while working towards rigorous deadlines. All I ask is that I am given the opportunity to prove my abilities, in which I am absolutely certain that your organization will be delighted with my performance and at the profits that I can produce.

Also, find attached my current resume. Additionally, I can provide letters of recommendation and a list of references, as well as photographs of some of my past work and projects. I would be delighted if you could contact me at your convenience, and allow me to interview for any open position that you may deem me qualified for. Thank you very much for your valuable time and consideration.

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