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To whom it may concern

I am applying for the position. I am interested in the opportunity not only because the company offers great benefit for the starter like me, but also the possibility to grow. I have long strive to grow myself through my career as it is not only to better off my family, but also it is in the benefit of the employer as my effort would directly translate to my work ethic and output.
I have worked in several manufacturing companies in the past few years, in which I have provided improvement over the efficiency of production, training and educating new engineering team, and developing procedure to ensure quality control on the manufacturing. While I am employed by CHIFORM Special Tool Company, I am in charge of developing software to monitor the precision and quality of the products, in which the software shortens the procedure form 30 minutes to only 2 minutes and the result leads to reduce human resource cost, better performance, and higher production efficiency. Besides working directly on the production line, during my stay at HOTEC Corporation, I have participated and led the certification of ISO 9001, which setup a standard quality assurance program for the company to compete on the higher business level. At Fall 2007, I feel my lack of international perspective, and insufficient understanding of the industry; I have decided to further my education. Therefore, I have studied master degree at University of Texas, Arlington. In the school, I have not only advance my language and social skills, and get a better grasp on the pulse of the industry, but also humbling myself about the depth of the field.
Thank you for providing this opportunity. I believe it would be a great opportunity for me to grow and mature. Moreover, I will assure you that my abilities and my work ethic would be assets for the company. I am looking forward to have an interview to further express my interest and passion for the career. I have attached a copy of my resume with this letter; if you may need additional information regarding my credential or any matters please let me know, and I will response in the best of my ability.
Arlington, TEXAS

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