Fire Protection Engineer Position Cover Letter

Fire Protection Engineer Position Cover Letter

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I am interested in applying for the Fire Protection Engineer position. A copy of my resume is included for your appraisal.

I am a master’s student of Carleton University supervised by Professor George Hadjisophocleous, who is an industrial research chair in fire safety engineering in Canada. Graduate program in fire safety engineering at Carleton University is the only program in Canada. I have completed all required courses, which are ‘People in Fire’, ‘Fundamental of Fire Safety Engineering’, ‘Fire Dynamics I’, ‘Fire Dynamics II’, ‘Design for Fire Resistance’ and ‘Fire Modeling’, and obtained four A+ and two A for the six required courses. I have conducted 10 full-scale fire experiments using NRC (National Research Council of Canada)’s 10-storey smoke tower. My research project is to study smoke movement using full scale experiments of propane fires and real fuel package fires; in additional I have performed computer simulation using zone model to simulate smoke movement in a multi-story building.

Before I joined the fire safety program in Carleton University, I have worked as a civil engineer in Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute for 9 years, and I have designed more than 40 projects during the 9 years. Those projects include residence, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Yours Sincerely

Rochester, New York

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