Dear Hiring Manager,

I recently discovered your job posting for an engineering position in the medical device manufacturing industry. I am interested in investigating this opportunity with you. Hopefully, my skill set lines up with your employment needs.

I have worked for over twenty years as an engineer in a manufacturing environment. The majority of that time has been spent in the automotive electronics industry at Delphi. Specifically, I worked to develop integrated circuit products from concept to production startup. I also have experience as a manufacturing engineer at Delphi supporting our world-class, 60,000 square foot, class 10 cleanroom. Unfortunately, bankruptcy and considerable restructuring at Delphi led to my separation from the company as the salaried workforce was reduced by approximately 25% in September 2008. However, this led me to another opportunity.

I have been employed as a Validation Engineer at Zimmer for the last four months. I have been trained to write and execute Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) protocols. The validations that I have been assigned involve Belco cavity sealers and the packaging process in the hip and knee component manufacturing operation. I learned quickly, proved my competence, and was then assigned four urgent OQ/PQ projects which were floundering. These projects were restarted, and two OQs have been successfully completed with the associated two PQs nearly complete at the writing of this letter. The projects are back on schedule. Obviously, I do not have years of experience in this field, but I learn quickly and have pleased my new colleagues at Zimmer.

Throughout my work experience I have demonstrated many skills which should align with your needs. I am very detail-oriented. I excel at balancing the simultaneous demands of multiple projects. I possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, and I am an independent performer that works well in a team environment.

I am quite interested in investigating this opportunity with you. I hope my experience and skill set is of interest to you for this particular job or perhaps another position within your company.

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