Civil Engineer

I am a licensed Civil Engineer in 2 states, CA & NV. I am licensed to survey under my CA Civil license. I have 2 Contractor’s licenses, A-General Engineering and B-General Building. I am a Real Estate broker. I have many years of experience as a City Engineer in various municipalities in CA. I was Resident Engineer for the Construction of the Hawthorne mall and have been responsible for many projects in the Construction Management phase. I was totally responsible for FY2011 budget in the amount of $247,000,000. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Loyola University of Los Angeles. I have taken numerous post graduate courses in Civil Engineering.

I have many years of experience in the Telecommunication industry working as a Construction Manager / Licensed Civil engineer in the obtaining of site permits and in the Construction Management field. In addition, I have been on numerous site investigations and served as a Site Acquisition Specialist, both in California and Texas.

Thank you for your consideration.

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