Biochemical Process Engineer

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please consider my application for Senior Process Engineer. As an accomplished biochemical process engineer who also does project engineering, development engineering and validation engineering, I have participated in and led small groups in design, specification, construction, testing and installation, validation and personnel training, and startup of biopharmaceutical processes. Wyeth/Pfizer will benefit from a team player who translates wish lists into effective hardware. My experience includes support of processes such as (human and bovine) plasma fractionation, fermentation, mammalian cell culture, mixing, CIP, COP, SIP, preventive maintenance, filtration, cross-flow filtration, sterilization (steam, chemical, EtO, gamma ray and peroxide) and chromatography. I have also renovated pharmaceutical manufacturing spaces.
I hold a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with some graduate work in Biochemical Engineering. My first four years, at Armour Pharmaceutical, were as a Process Engineer by the classical definition, then from there my job descriptions got fuzzier with respect to their titles. That is, where I’ve designed, procured and installed and validated manufacturing equipment (in the GMP environment, including bioreactors, ultrafilters, HPLC system, Compressed Air for fermentation, Liquid Nitrogen Storage and Distribution, Purified and WFI systems, clean suites and chambers) I have also written O&M SOPs and trained operators to use them. My North Safety Products experience covered machines making products classed as Medical Devices. My Ionics experience included work on a team which produced a prototype medical device from injection molded plastic, and several pilot skids. All of my work history, except Ionics, has been within the GMP environment. My orientation has always been to serve the ultimate user by serving Manufacturing. At Acambis, working for Aerotek, I arranged the Engineering Library according to the client’s wishes and furnished him with a site survey of his utilities and their capacities. My most recent activity has been at Teleflex Medical in Everett, MA, working for RCM Technologies. I wrote, executed, and reported on validation protocols of utilities and facilities for a medical device manufacturer.
Concerning these jobs, I want to work with you. I offer a broad base of experience and facile adaptation to accommodate the requirements of an assigned project. Please contact me with further questions. Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,
Attleboro, MA

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