To whom it may concern,
This letter serves to inform you of my desire for employment
I am James C. Golding, a very talented MOSS 2007 Share Point analyst and MOSS Architect residing in Houston, Texas. My resume accompanies this letter.
. My last assignment finished on December31st in Houston with Satyam Technologies. I am available immediately for work anywhere in the USA or even overseas.
I am currently available for any Microsoft SharePoint 2007 administrative, architect, or analyst including some .net development type of work. I have been a successful MOSS Architect recently with Infosys and a consultant with Satyam as well as a contract programmer converting Notes to SharePoint with Texas Petrochemicals here in Houston, Texas.
I also would be available for any Notes to SharePoint conversion work, Exchange conversions, anything with collaboration and web programming, Domino work, etc.
Obviously, I prefer to work in my home area of Houston, but in the present economic climate, I will travel for the right job. I am willing to travel from Houston, or am willing to relocate for the right salaried position. I might even move for the right contractual obligation. A reasonable salary is expected. For work with travel from Houston a salary of $110,000 to $125,000 would definitely be an acceptable salary for me. On contract, I would look for a W2 Contract wage of between $75 and $100/hour depending upon per diem payment / or living expenses and the location of the job.
I am willing and able to travel internationally. I have a passport. I am an American citizen. I speak fluent English and Spanish. I also would quickly be able to master German, French, and Italian if needed.

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