Strategic Market Director

To Whom it May Concern:
I most recently served as the Strategic Market Director for Johnson & Johnson’s Strategic Business Group in Texas. My responsibilities included the entire state of Texas representing over $750MM worth of J&J business opportunity. In this position, I negotiated contracts for Johnson & Johnsons pharmaceutical portfolio of 16 products, working very closely with C suite executives. I was also responsible for providing strategic sales focus and direction to the Texas based field sales force. I am very confident my education and experiences fit the profile you are seeking.
To follow is a brief summary demonstrating my experience in business development, sales and marketing:
In my most recent role, I worked with CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s, V.P.’s, Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors, and Quality Assurance personnel. When not contracting, I worked with plans to develop projects assisting with their accreditation process. In this, I analyzed the business and made recommendations regarding disease states that are impacted by NCQA and HEDIS mandates. The projects were based on sound business judgment and offered the plan the ability to further enhance the quality of care given to patients, while ascertaining appropriate medical and prescribing protocols.
I also have extensive experience leading a wide variety of project teams, both internal and external to Johnson & Johnson, addressing specific needs relating to prescribing management. An example is identifying, developing and leading the Texas Pediatric Society and Johnson & Johnson in a new approach to collaborative partnership. Additionally, I have been instrumental in Johnson & Johnson’s effort to identify the magnitude of workers compensation and developing a strategy to address this business opportunity.
I also possess extensive experience leading regional management teams, consisting of 4 region business directors, 15 district managers and over 200 sales representatives, where I set the statewide push and pull through strategy for sales direction for each therapeutic class. In addition to this experience, I have extensive experience directly leading sales teams. I have lead teams ranging from 7 to 12 team members representing a multitude of products. My approach to motivating and leading teams is the main contributing factor to my success as a director.
I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding my skills and experiences.

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