Quality Assurance Director

Dear Sir or Madam

I have extensive experience with creating and developing Quality programs for laboratories, medical devise, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies. These programs have passed governmental regulatory scrutiny through audits and document reviews. My training of staff in GLPs, GMPs, ICH, and GLPs has dramatically decreased the incidents of errors, accidents and deficiencies. Some auditing agencies include; FDA, EPA, OSHA, NELAC, Army Corps of Engineers, HACCP and several state agencies. In addition, I have established and implemented hazardous waste management, health& safety, chemical and industrial hygiene programs. In these programs I functioned as the trainer and Committee Chairman.
My establishment of comprehensive policies and programs has enabled companies to expand into new territories and new customer bases, reduce cost through system reviews, cost reduction, and the decrease of instances of error/accidents through track & trending, with the continuous updating of employee training and procedures.
I have established and implemented over 200 Quality SOP’s, and organized all documentation including accident investigation, corrective action, track & trending, customer complaints, employee records, regulatory documents, equipment, etc…
Thomas McConnell
Dartmouth, MA

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