Managing Director

Chief Executive Officer/HR Director

Serving as a Managing Director/CFO for a $950 million, 4,500-employees international offshore equipment consortium, with direct responsibility for $600 million in operational administrative budgets is a significant accomplishment, but only one of many which I have successfully handled during my career in various senior level CFO and Managing Director positions. If your future operational planning/financial goals are consistent with having this type of result, you may be interested in my background.

My broad-based global career has given me hands-on knowledge of strong business case evaluation (ROI), business proposal formulation and pro forma projections with specialization in P&L improvements, multi-million dollar contract negotiations and governmental contracts. Perhaps more important is my ability to evaluate corporate strategy, and then develop a solution that meets those needs:

– Forecasting, design and implementation of complimentary product and service lines generating enhanced corporate profits and long term market positioning enabling a sustained annual 9% growth record.
– Strategies, negotiations and implementation of transactional protection of future currency exchange losses.
– Market and equipment positioning converting short term contracts to long term contracts with enhanced profit margins.
– Promotion of a lean, highly dedicated, responsive staff with proprietary results, resulting in increased quality and reductions in overhead and turnover cost.

My in-depth financial control, acquisition and joint ventures knowledge, as well as my leadership ability, and capacity to successfully achieve objectives will contribute to the further success of any business initiative undertaken by your organization.

I would be pleased to have an opportunity to discuss my credentials with you. I will phone in a few days or, if you wish, please give me a call.

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