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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Kaoru Yamamoto and my over 25 years professional career (US and Oversea) has been within the retail design/branding/VMD industry (including department stores, specialty stores, shopping centers and food industries) which has provided me with a broad and extensive range of experiences over the years. I have confidence that I can bring more to the table. I have valuable experience and developed skills that have been applied with proven success factors. I am creative, innovative, bold environment ability to think and see “outside the box”, resourceful, organized professional and team player.
I am currently backed in Japan personal reason (recent Earthquake and Tunami disaster in Japan); however I am seeking a full time position in US and will be returning ASAP as opportunities arise.
Importance of Retail Branding (My Philosophy): Retail Branding is branding development processes that apply to every retailer and the most important strategy to earn targeted customers trust and support. Right store environment design is the core/key factor for this process. Customer’s first impression begins with exterior design and experiencing interior environment as well as the same level of merchandise assortment, operations, customer service and well trained sale staff. A half of retail business success lays on how to keep customers interest and coming back for more to your store. That is the reason it is such important to create the right environment design to offer customer the most excite shopping experience. Retail branding is the key to success setting targeted customers trust which reflect store’s personality and differentiate from competitor.
Sincerely yours,
Tokyo, Japan

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Due to recent Earthquake and Tunami disaster in Japan I am currently back in Japan, however I will be returning to states ASAP. How do let recruiter or employer know my current situation?

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