Franchise Operations Director Cover Letter

Franchise Operations Director Cover Letter


As a Franchise Operations Director of Quizno’s sub shops, working with Vincent as consultant to the owner for the set up and opening of the store 938. I found his understanding of the Quizno’s operations and policies to be very clear and his methods of initializing them outstanding. Vincent offered strong leadership to the owner and his employees, along with the patience it takes when implementing training program and preparing the staff to open a restaurant to represent a franchise agenda. Vincent has away of welcoming both employees and guests to make them feel appreciated. I was impressed with the techniques taught to digest situation and problems so to appease the guest but not embarrass or lose the respect of the franchise. Vincent’s use of people and creation of teams made for efficiently completing daily duties with the minimum use of scheduling and the maximizing of hours to provide profit. I would recommend Vincent to anyone to enhance your operations of front or rear of house in the QSR Food Service business.


Huntington Beach, California

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