Director, Sr, Lead, ECT

Dear employee selection executive,

I am applying for the position; Senior R/D Engineer. As a prospective employee I would like to point out a few of my qualifications and experiences that I think would benefit to the company.
As part of your screening practices you will evaluate education as a precursor to developing your choice of personnel to fill the vacant position. I ask you to evaluate this requirement in a perspective that is based on my experience and successes managing projects with advanced technologies and diverse development teams in the medical device community. Because I did not attend a major university and did not complete my studies at a lesser collage; I would be what some would call an anomaly in the medical/scientific community. I am not your average scientific suitor, engineer, manager, or inventor; yet I have excelled at all levels. I continually educate myself “on the job” and through individual research, advancing my depth of competency exponentially with any technical project, system, or protocol that is required for my endeavors. My work stands on its own merits as do I as a professional. If you were to read and evaluate my patent in the interventional cardiology field you could conclude that I have the equivalent education background of a PhD; at the time I considered it my “Masters”. I expect that you will be comfortable with that analogy, as I recently was a finalist for a fellowship position with the Bio-Design Program with the Departments of Engineering and Surgery at the University of Missouri in Colombia. I am familiar with the principals of operation for the major imaging technologies used today in the medical diagnostic fields. I have consulted or participated in the development of medical devices for other companies not disclosed on my resume due to confidentiality.
I have been fortunate to be exposed to many medical and scientific disciplines, as well as the specialized manufacturing practices and regulatory requirements associated with the industry. I attribute it to my ability to “pick up” new knowledge quickly and apply it usefully to several mentors and the diverse projects that I was invited to be involved with. Many typical collage educated engineers, developers, and managers with an advanced degree; or with individuals working for an entire career in one practice area or field do not have the depth or technical broadness that comes with the career paths that I have taken. Given that your requirements for the position, expressing the need to be a flexible and knowledgeable team leader; to effectively lead and communicate through the matrix of cross functions, to the participants; development groups, engineering teams, and manufacturing , for providing valued and concise information to facilitate a successful project completion. I will perform these functions very well for YOUR COMPANY.
Kasson Minnesota

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