Director of Engineering

The Mission, Vision, Values & Goals of most Healthcare Institutions are all closely related to three principles: the commitment to Community, the Staff & Institution. The Goals will accomplish this.

As a young Marine those words / concepts were very close to these important words; God, Country and Corps. My transition from the Marine Corps to the Healthcare Industry was something I was already embracing; providing the best service to the community in providing them with reliable services (both thru the condition of energy, in all its forms to the person fixing the nurse call button).

Leadership and team work, working with others from the bottom up and from the top down. The Institution, my envelope of pride, passion and desire to constantly better oneself in providing a better working facility by providing the necessary services to the staff and doctors so that they all can provide the best services available to produce the best healthcare the community can find. It’s a circle of values and goals that make a total commitment for better healthcare. I cherish my career in the healthcare industry because I love what I do and what I can do for others within the a community. Whether it’s building or a maintenance task my expectations are high and the finished task is perfection, as a rigger there are no second chances.

As a Director of Engineering it is required of me to be committed, to have my team committed and provide the best possible product of any engineering services that are necessary to the other teams relying on us so they can do their tasks. It is my duty to work with Infection Control whether it’s a small project or a maintenance issue. Without a doubt I’m responsible to work with Upper Management in keeping the finances under budget or even within the budgetary goals by working with teams to provide a better product. I can Performance Improvement, Quality Assurance and Quality Control by providing “Fresh Eyes” and ideas to help guide the way.

As a Director or General Manager I have been exposed to great things and concepts that may be beneficial to your organization. I have never failed a JC (EOC/SOC) survey nor had any Type 1s or recommendations in any facility under my management. My resume is a testimonial of my desire to not only better myself and my team, but to provide power, steam, electric and those services that are vitally necessary in an environment where the consequences could be life or death. I may be a hospital engineer/construction manager but I know blueprints & I can build.

Please read my resume’, you’ll find that I’m an asset for you. As a Director of Facilities Engineering or a Construction/Project Manager the services I can contribute to you as I work with your team to accomplish goals and a future for your task will be rewarding and within budget constraints and delivered on time. I’ve worked for Sodexo; outsourced, not-for-profit

My Management Style is:
Manages and leads others to accomplish goals by utilizing plans and strategies.
Views staff as equals where consensus thinking provides solutions.
Viewed as a delegator who arranges resources, support for others and remains as a resource for the team.
Contributes and leads by example utilizing personal expertise, knowledge and problem solving skills. Some say you have to think outside the box; “I say what box”?
Leads from the front and manages by exercising strong authority based on personal expertise and direct involvement in planning and implementation.
I’m available immediately and willing to travel 100% of the time or relocation is a consideration.

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