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Dear Lockheed-Martin:

I am presently employed by Arizona Protection Agency, Scottsdale, AZ, and an agency supplying security officers to the Phoenix Data Capture Center, involved in processing all 2010 U.S. Census material west of the Mississippi. We determined early on that our presence was merely for the amusement of the four-level tier of supervisors representing the Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Lockheed-Martin, and the Arizona Protection Agency.
When the fish quit biting at Lake Roosevelt, a recreational area in the mountains north of Phoenix, AZ, I decided ro re-enter the work force. I became sales manager at the only retail establishment available, a modular and manufactured home lot, selling second homes to those who could afford to escape from the heat, traffic, and the errant bullets from Sheriff Joe Arpiao’s deputies chasing illegal aliens across the Valley of the Sun. This went well until the housing bubble burst, and recreation became an activity afforded by only those firmly ensconced in federal government positions and these folks don’t buy second homes. (August 2005 to November 2009)
Anytime I find myself outside the structure of 8 to 5 employment I revert back to my position as President of R. Grant Enterprises, my consulting firm that has been useful in keeping me engaged in financially beneficial activity. Looking for financial assets to interest a friend trying to load a private conglomerate with assets prior to IPO was a pleasurable activity that filled idle time while traveling full time in my RV in the Pacific Northwest. (September 1991 to May 2005)
Sincerely yours,
Phoenix, AZ

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