Associate Director Of Validation Cover Letter

Associate Director Of Validation Cover Letter

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I receive your E-mail yesterday and I am interested in what type of services that you offer. I would like to use a few effective recruiters in my search, but I do not want too many in the act.

Presently, I am the Associate Director of Validation/Process Engineering at Enzon Pharmaceuticals. Our facility is closing down sometime between April and June in order to consolidate manufacturing at Indianapolis. I must stay to site closure to collect the generous severance package that Enzon has offered and site closure will occur on or before June 1. The facility is already in the process of closing down and once closed, I will be free to work elsewhere.

At this point in my career I seek a position in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry that can utilize my experience and knowledge. In return I seek challenge and a chance to make a contribution. My resume is enclosed for your review. If my resume interests you, we can discuss this matter further. You may contact me via the following means:


Bloomsbury, New Jersey

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