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Attached is a copy of my resume for your review. I am eager to secure a challenging position as a/an {include the position}, which will best meet my particular professional needs and will allow me to use my educational and professional experience, with the opportunity for growth based on performance. Currently, I work with the Department of Education in the Brooklyn VESID office, where we assist people with disabilities in securing educational and/or vocational training and job placement. I work for the Placement Unit, where I have several job duties.
As I am given information to update the placement unit’s database place the information into a database that is reviewed the management team. I also, when needed pre-screen potential job applicants for a job opening for an employer. I contact consumers to schedule appointments for the unit’s counselors and also to update information concerning their placement needs and to find out about their current employment status. I also assist in managing the quarterly reports that are given to the district manager. I also assist with creating cover letters and resumes for the consumers as needed and teach them the other skills needed in securing employment.
At the present time my salary requirements are open. Please feel free to contact me during the day at the (718) 675-4753 or E-mail me at Thank you in advance for your consideration and have a nice day.
Sincerely, Wayne White
Brooklyn, NY

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