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Dear Sir/Madam – Recruiter

I am a People Person, who believes that satisfying a customer should be my number one goal. Making my Company outsanding in the service it provides is my main objective. My personality of being loving, kind, patient and understanding, has made my performance stand out among my coworkers. It is easy for me to be part of a team, having the common goal of working to be productive for the good of the company. My more than ten years of dealing with people, interacting with them, has thought me how to deal impartially to people of diffrent race, culture. and denomination, satisfying them at the highest level of expectation and beyond. My ability to serve customers and have them come back to compliment me about my high level of Professional Sevice is what I have experienced time after time. It has made me very proud of my self and has given me the couarage and inspiration to pursue my goals in life. My intelligence and experience in Retail and Finance fields, have helped me to perform at a level that is admired by my co-workers, friends, and the people I serve. I will be a great asset to your Company, as my goal is to be productive, fulfilling and rewarding. I look forward to the opportunity to joining you, in my quest and dream of pursuing a career in this wonderful field.

Eat Orange, NJ

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