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Dear {insert company name and person or HR dept.

While searching the net for employment opportunities, this listing was posted on {insert job opportunity}. I would like to submit my cover letter and resume for the position of Customer Service. I worked as a Career Counselor and I worked as a Job Developer with the State of New York Education department, VESID. I have worked with people with disabilities seeking vocational counseling, placement assistance and job readiness skills for the last ten and a half years. In the past I have worked as a Customer Service Representative. I have worked for insurance carriers, a cable company and the federal court system.
The positions I held in the past combined with my current skills, I feel that my skills would provide a good foundation for this company. I am enclosing my resume for your perusal and consideration. I have excellent communication skills and I enjoy working with people. I am a hard working, self-motivated person ready to take any challenges. In addition, I am confident that given any opportunity, I would prove to be an asset to any organization.
At present, my salary requirement is open. Thank you for your consideration and have a wonderful day.
Brooklyn, NY

This example was posted: 4/15/2010 1:07:18 PM EST

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