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I have been asked by Laurie Mulford to provide a reference to support her job application. This I am delighted to do.

Laurie was assigned to me on the European SAP Programme to manage the development and implementation of new processes and systems in support of a major business segment of Xerox’s European business. This covered all processes, from order through to collection, together with associated accounting and reporting.
I must confess that before she started I had real concerns that her US experience in customer administration and systems would not easily transfer to an European environment. I was quickly proven wrong!

Laurie, with extraordinary speed established excellent working relationships with the core project team and, much more importantly, with operational people in five European counties and at European HQ. She led them, cajoled them and where necessary bullied them into agreeing a common set of processes and systems designs. Not an easy task as our systems and processes had been developed independently in each country and thus had little to no commonality. The resultant solution was successfully implemented in Belgium and forms the basis for rollout across the rest of Europe.

But the story of her contribution does not end there. The SAP programme was always understaffed (what project isn’t) resulting in the need for project team members to take on additional tasks. Laurie never had to be asked to do this, she readily volunteered. I will quote just two examples. She took on the task developing the SAP systems testing strategy, planning it and then managing its delivery. This involved working with testers spread across Europe in just about every Xerox functional area. She completed the task on time and to budget. She also accepted the role of managing the end user training for the Belgium implementation. This, due to the scope of the SAP programme, involved training not just in Belgium users (in two languages), but in the supporting functions in manufacturing, distribution, service and HQ. Again this was completed on time and to budget.

In short, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Laurie for the role on offer. She has an unique combination of excellent interpersonal skills, systems and process literacy and hands on experience and knowledge of operational processes in a whole raft of customer facing functions, to be a great success in the role.

Should you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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