Phonetime Network Inc.

I hope you will consider me for the position of Controller, as advertised on LinkedIn. I was particularly excited to see a position open at the Phonetime Network Inc. as I have long been interested in companies that are in the beginning stages of development. I’m impressed by your plan increase your market presence in a relatively short amount of time and I would love the opportunity to be part of your work.
Reading over the job description for the position, I recognized myself. As you will see on my attached resume, I have more than twenty years experience in industries with similar business models, operating on thin margins and providing 24/7 service. I also have the extensive Great Plains experience you require. I have implemented and used Great Plains for more than 15 years.
Additionally, I have a great deal of experience in formulating and implementing internal controls. My experience performing various types of accounting and managerial functions, in various environments, has given me a thorough knowledge of accounting and financial matters. Through my education, I have obtained strong reporting, computer, analytical and quantitative skills. From my work experience, I have been able to creatively apply these skills in recognizing and solving business problems. I have acquired a broad base of functional and business knowledge, coupled with a sound ability to manage people and to communicate effectively. I think my skills and experience are an excellent match with what you are seeking, and I am excited about the chance to work with you.

Lighthouse Point, FL

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