PV Specialist

To whom it may concern,

My name is Chris McCoy, I am a native Texan but have lived and worked in California over the past two years, selling and gaining specialized training in Green building and PV technology.

Currently, I work as a building consultant and Green building specialist in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for the Garland Company, a manufacturer of commercial building materials. Over the past year I have worked to market and develop the Garland Green building product line in Texas, as well as help formulate Garland Energy Systems. Garland Energy Systems is a subsidiary of The Garland Company and specializes as a consulting service for alternative energy projects. It offers government and private customers the ability to finance and procure BIS (Building Integrated Solar) systems as well as traditional Roof and ground mounted PV projects through various financing vehicles such as PPA’s and Performance Leasing programs. Unfortunately, the Garland Company’s commitment and dedication to the PV market is uncertain and remains unclear as the company establishes its self in the US market. I am looking to work for an established company with strong history of success that is willing to invest in the resources required to be successful in the alternative energy market.

Prior to my work experience at The Garland Company I was a PV specialist for Suntechnics Energy Systems, a division of Conergy AG. I was responsible for the sales and project management of over 1 MW of PV projects in the southern California area financed via PPA agreements. I was also responsible for developing relationships with industry EE partners, contractors and manufactures to help maximize ROI/payback for the investors and energy off takers involved in the project. Additionally, I am familiar with all facets of project management and implementation involved in PV installation, including state and federal incentives and tax credits. Suntechnics left the US PV market in 2007 by direction of the Head office in Hamburg.

Before I began working in the Green building and alternative energy industry I worked in the IT industry for nearly 5 years. As a sales account manager for the Dell computer corporation I sold various storage and back up solutions to both Federal and commercial customers. Dell helped to provide me with a strong foundation in which to develop my analytical and communication skills.

My academic accomplishments include a BA in Public Policy/Political Science from Southwest Texas State University, where I earned a 3.25 undergraduate GPA. Over the past several years I have completed graduate course work in Public Policy and currently have a graduate GPA of 3.67.

I would very much like the opportunity to discuss this position in greater detail. Your organizations dedication to energy efficiency and consumption reduction through the application of clean renewable energy programs is something that has always been very personally important to me. I feel my project management and industry specific experience would be of great benefit to your organization.

I have attached a copy of my resume for your review. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this position or any position you feel my education and experience warrant consideration.

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