Construction / SSHO

Please do me the courtesy of reviewing my resume. I have over 10 years experience in construction and 20 in General industry through my service in the United States Marine Corps.

5’5″ 150 lbs. white male with no police records, excellent credit and a marriage of 38 years. I am a Type A personality whose vocation is to teach others how to be safe and learn to ask for help when they need it. I am a proven leader of Marine and a manager of matters great and small. I will not lie for any company or to the company. I do not smoke or drink but do occasionally take medicine for my back and am rated 30% Disabled. I do not miss work or show up late. If you have any questions please call 808 965 0941. I am a consultant to the Dept. of Public Safety and have worked with the State Attorney General to clean up many large scale drug operations. I will relocate for contracts of one to two years.

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