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I have successfully estimated, managed, and scheduled structural projects (residential, commercial, hospitals, hotel towers, hangers, DOT, airport, utilities, etc.) up to 600M from Schematic-Design to Post-Construction during my career in construction on time and within budget. I have taken companies to unlimited license and expanded businesses through contract awards. My 28 years’ experience covers both on and off-site responsibilities for both public and private sector clients on open and closed bids and Job Order Contracts.
I’ve utilize the latest construction management software; I have qualified and served as a Primavera trainer, experienced on Earthworks. I believe in strong communication, accurate documentation and team work. I have won contracts and successfully negotiated over 2,000 (compensatory and non-compensatory) unforeseen, lateral, design, contract, and contractor changed Change Orders. I am also a licensed structural inspector with current CCM, BATC and OSHA Certificates.
I offer years of experience in total detailed management, operations, project controls, estimating, procuring and scheduling from Project Pre-construction from conception to design complete. I continually look for ways to keep direct and indirect costs down, schedules ahead of time and keep contracts and personnel in budget, while satisfying all entities.
Las Vegas, NV

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A bit repetitive and long for a cover letter. I would give them the highlites with examples of value to the projects your management produced for the clients.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Mar 25 11 at 4:09 am

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