Construction Management

I am interested in a position in Construction Management, Maintenance Management, or Project Management.

Over the last 30 years, I have managed and supervised the installation of all disciplines related to an industrial processing facility. With my strong knowledge of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and automated process control equipment, I have installed and maintained vegetable oil processing equipment; bottling lines, canning lines, and non-dairy creamer spray/drying equipment. My responsibilities also encompassed maintenance of the building, grounds, and utilities for the facilities housing these processes.

After accepting the Superintendent position in 2003, I ran the entire department for four months before acquiring the help of a freelance contract engineer. Since then, I have maintained overtime budgets and repair/maintenance costs within budgeted levels. I have also introduced processes to the stockroom which produced a reduction in inventory of 25%.

As portrayed in my resume I have worked the duties of multiple positions, most recently as acting maintenance manager, and in the past maintenance superintendent, controls engineer, maintenance supervisor, and instrument electrical supervisor.

My geographical areas of interest are as follows, but are not limited to; Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, (near Nashville), Georgia, and Virginia. I am interested in a position yielding $95,000 a year. (Travel is acceptable)

I would be available to start work 3 weeks from the time of employment agreement.

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