Dear Sir or Madam:

I read with interest your job description for the subject position and enclosed is my updated resume for your review.

Having recently been laid off in April by Gunsight Construction Companies, LLC, a privately-held, family-owned enterprise, due to the demise of contract work within the commercial construction industry related to the current economic recession, I am seeking a new challenge with another company which can utilize my talents. While the majority of my business career has been in the construction industry together with experience in manufacturing environments, the industry itself is not the most important factor; what is important is the ability to develop a shared vision to realign a company’s operations, enhance its scope of business and secure the operational and financial foundations of today.

Certainly, I believe that my diversified industry experiences in all aspects of accounting and finance plus my ability to visualize both the operational and financial impacts upon an organization are essential to fortifying the foundation of today towards the realization of future goals and visions and meet the criteria as initially set forth in your advertisement.

Please feel free to contact my references such as Charles Ehrler of Kennedy & Ehrler, CPAs and David Evers II of First Community Bank as noted in my resume who have extensive knowledge of my business acumen, expertise, contributions and visionary capacity during my tenure with Gunsight Construction Companies, LLC and my specific contributions made in the development of turnaround operational and financial strategies.

I would anticipate that the initial compensation, benefits and incentives will be contingent upon a review of one

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