Administrative Assistant

Dear Department Manager

Obviously, you are seeking a productive member to add to your successful team. I am that addition you are seeking. My 20 years of successful experience in dynamicand competitive fields has been proven. I have the skills and professionalism to accommodate a position that demands commitment and consistant results.
I have developed my skills through educational and on-hands experience. I am self motivated and reliable. I would be a great addition to any team focused on results and synergy.
Please consider my skills and experience and I hope that you will agree that I will enhance and complete the challenges you have ready for me to address. My resume contains my background and accomplishments, but I look forward to a career that will expand my skills and utilize my talents through hard work, accountability and trust that I will complete the tasks assigned. I will also provide efficient solutions to process and procedural issues.
Sincerely, Michael D. Feierstein
Orange Park, Florida

This example was posted: 3/9/2010 6:54:30 PM EST

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