Management Position, Controller

Dear Sir/Madam :

Seeking a position at your firm, enclosed please find a copy of my resume for your review. I received an M.B.A. degree at San Francisco State University with a concentration in accounting and finance, and am also a CPA.
I have over twelve years of work experience in both public and private industry, including a Big 4 accounting firm.
I work well independently, communicate effectively, am results-oriented and enjoy responsibility.
Suwon City, Kyongki-do, South Korea

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A cover letter should make the employer want to meet you for an interview. I see a lot of facts in your letter but no reason for me to call you. What can you do for me and my company? How can you increase my cash flow, improve my gross profit, reduce my expenses? I would like to see more personality and not just facts, which are already listed on your resume.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Dec 30 09 at 3:02 pm

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