Financial Management

Dear Mike:
I am interested in finding a senior finance job in the south Valley or Arizona. Your consideration of this letter and the accompanying resume would be appreciated. Please do call if I can provide more information. I’d be happy to visit with you by phone if that would help you determine how I might meet your customers’ financial management needs.
My Interest in the CFO Job and Salary Requirements
After a successful career with the Farm Credit System, I am looking for an opportunity to use my experiences and skills.
My work experience includes financial reporting, budgeting/forecasting, audit oversight, treasury management, and executive leadership.
My salary requirements are relatively flexible. I’ve enjoyed a year of retirement, but am looking for a way to put my financial management skills to work.
Application of Past Experiences and Current Skills to Your CFO Job
Financial management and oversight has been my primary work focus for the past 20 years. My financial experience and skill set include hands on work as well as the supervision of other fiscal/accounting team members. My duties have included:
– Developing, presenting, and tracking financial budgets and forecasts;
– Development of policies and procedures;
– Preparation, review, and analysis of financial reports;
– Working closely with other senior management team members and boards of directors; and,
– Developing metrics to track performance for use by all organizational levels (and for use in reporting to various stakeholders).
My skills and abilities include:
– Involvement in the development and monitoring of business plans as well as budgets;
– Participating in the development of a performance evaluation program which is integrated with the business planning process; and,
– Operating in a federally-regulated and PricewaterhouseCoopers-audited work environment. Additionally, at Farm Credit West we protected stakeholders by developing Sarbanes-Oxley type work flow and control processes.
Very early in my work career I saw the need for an advanced degree and earned an MBA. More recently I completed specialized training at Pacific Coast Banking School. My undergraduate degree is in business management; I was named the outstanding management student in my graduating class.
Values/Profile and Geographic Setting
My work experience is primarily in modest sized organizations that succeeded by delivering excellent customer service through an outstanding staff, while maintaining sound cost and operational controls. I firmly believe in high ethical standards, a positive work environment reflecting respect for others, and dedication to providing excellent customer service benefiting all stakeholders.
My family has a commitment to the Central Valley; that commitment is largely the reason for my retirement from Farm Credit in 2009 — my former employer has relocated its headquarters to Roseville. We also have several family and personal contacts Arizona.

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