accounts professional

Dear Mr. /Ms.

I am a highly motivated, young and qualified accounts professional with an excellent academic record and hands on training experience in auditing and accounting, financial analysis and management, accounting system programming coupled with excellent interpersonal skills, seeking a challenging profile with (Name of the Company), to contribute accrued skills towards formulating and achieving long term financial objectives.
As my CV demonstrates, I am a versatile expert in various fields of finance and accounting including market securities. My internship in a wide rage of organizations encompassing multi national banks, trading organizations and have contributed immensely to my professional expertise.
I have continually striven to enhance my skill sets and would like to highlight the fact that I have obtained my CPA & Bachelors degree in Accounting from one of the most reputed institutes of the world. My ability to perform under pressure and commitment to quality, coupled with distinctive academic qualifications are credentials that I can immediately apply to contribute to the success of your highly progressive organization and make me a valuable team member.
My attached CV details my experience. I look forward for the opportunity of meeting with you and exploring possible opportunities at your esteemed organization.

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